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If you go the breeder route, don’t stop with just “How much?” Money should not be the most important consideration when choosing a dog. Health and the breeder’s support and ethics should be high priorities. Ask the following questions of any breeder you’re considering working with — the answers you get should make you feel confident, and if any leaves you scratching your head, consider another breeder:

  • How long have you been involved with the breed?

  • Why do you love this breed?

  • Why do you breed dogs?

  • How often do you breed? When do you expect your next litter?

  • May I see the dam (mom) and photos of the sire (dad) and other relatives?

  • May I see where you raise the pups?

  • What is the lifespan and what health issues occur in this breed? Have you produced any of these? If so, how many? (A low percentage is good. Any breeder of more than two litters is bound to have had some problems.)

  • Are the parents certified to be healthy? (Ask to see certifications.)

  • Do you belong to any clubs? (Clubs often have codes of ethics.)

  • May I see the pedigree? (Look for titles within the first two generations— a sign of soundness and dedication.)

  • Do you pick the puppy or do I? (Breeders will want to match personalities.)

  • What is the medical history of the pups? (Usually the pups will have had one or two inoculations, a fecal examination, and possible deworming.)

  • What does the health guarantee cover? (Ask to see the contract.)

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