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As you research options for finding a healthy Beagle to bring into your home as a new pet, consider well-respected, dependable breeders. These guidelines can help you determine whether a breeder has a dog's — and your — best interests in mind:

  • Belongs to the National Beagle Club of America and exhibits her dogs in conformation, obedience, or other events

  • Screens the dogs she breeds for hip problems and eye diseases, and can show you the results of such screenings

  • Owns the mother dog (the dam) but not the father dog (the sire)

  • Doesn’t breed any female dog under 2 years of age and never breeds any female more than once a year

  • Raises the puppies inside her home

  • Begins socializing the puppies as soon as possible after birth

  • Takes the puppies to her veterinarian for checkups and their initial shots

  • Refuses to sell a puppy who’s less than 7 weeks of age

  • Investigates prospective buyers

  • Guarantees the puppy’s health and temperament in writing

  • Stays in touch after the sale

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