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Ideally, you would never make a mistake when performing a magic trick. Unfortunately, life isn't like that and circumstance and bad luck can rear their ugly heads. When a trick goes wrong, graceful performers shrug it off with humor and recover if they can. Try these lines when you mess up a magic trick:

  • "I forgot to compensate for the rotational effect of the Earth."

  • "Hmm. It worked in the magic store!"

  • "It's all part of the show, folks — the part that hasn’t been rehearsed."

  • "That's the first time that ever happened again."

  • "It doesn't look as bad from my side."

  • "The real magician will be here shortly."

  • "I'm curious to see how I get out of this myself!"

  • "Wow, it's so quiet in here, you could hear a career drop."

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About David Pogue David Pogue is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and has performed magic at parties, special events, on TV, and even over the radio for 25 years. He created and taught the beginning magic programs at the New School for Social Research and the Learning Annex. He has been known to mesmerize audiences with his magic tricks while on tour promoting his many bestselling books, including Macs?? For Dummies??, 5th Edition, Opera For Dummies??, and Classical Music For Dummies??. Contributor Mark Levy, magic consultant, has levitated and read spectators' minds for nearly 30 years. His writings have appeared in some of magic's most revered literary sources, including Richard Kaufman's CardMagic, Apocalypse magazine, and Magic.

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