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After you have planned how to hang the paper and activated the wallpaper paste, it’s time to get to the actual wallpaper hanging. To hang the prepared wallpaper, follow these steps:
  1. Grasp the top edge and peel open the fold that you made when booking the paper.

    Leave the other half booked for the time being.

  2. With one hand on each edge a few inches down from the top, hold the drop in place on the wall.

    Align the edge about 1/8-inch away from the vertical guideline and locate the top with the dominant pattern at the planned distance from the ceiling. This procedure automatically leaves a 2- to 3-inch allowance at the top and bottom.

    Don’t place the edge right on the guideline, because the chalk or pencil line may show through the seam. If the edge isn't a uniform 1/8-inch from the guideline, peel the paper back as needed to reposition it; do the same to remove any large folds or air bubbles. Don't force badly misaligned paper into position by pushing it. Doing so stretches and may tear the paper and may also result in an open seam when the paper dries. If the paper needs only a slight adjustment, push carefully with two outstretched hands, or three if you have a helper.

  3. Smooth the upper half of the strip.

    Make your first strokes vertical ones, up and down, along the guideline. Then brush horizontally from the guideline toward the opposite side and finish with diagonal strokes.

  4. Grasp the bottom end and peel it apart until it hangs straight.

    On subsequent strips, you’ll work from the seam as you now work from the guideline.

  5. Continue with the remaining drops — paste-book-hang, paste-book-hang — one next to the other.

    As you get the hang of it, a helper can paste, book, and then relax while you hang.

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