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When you’re doing some DIY wallpapering, determine how much wallpaper to purchase by calculating the area you plan to paper and dividing that number by the usable yield per roll of paper. (Measurements here are for countries that have adopted the metric system.)

  • Wall area: Total length of all walls x wall height

  • Unpapered areas:

    • Window area = window height x window width x number of windows

    • Door area = door height x door width x number of doors

  • Wallpapering area: Wall area – unpapered areas

  • Wallpaper to order: Wallpapering area ÷ usable yield = number of single rolls needed

Usable Yield Chart for Wallpaper
Pattern Repeat (Drop) Usable Yield
0 to 150 mm 2.5 sq. m
175 to 300 mm 2.2 sq. m
325 to 450 mm 2.0 sq. m
475 to 600 mm 1.8 sq. m

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