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You can remove a piece of aluminum siding and patch in a new one when it’s so badly damaged that it’s beyond repair. You need your utility knife, a piece of aluminum siding, a household cleaner, and a silicone sealant. Follow these steps:

  1. Draw a square around the damaged siding.

    Use caution when working on ladders.

  2. With a utility knife, cut the top and side edges. Bend the square down and then cut across the bottom.

    Wear gloves to protect yourself from sharp edges on the aluminum.

  3. Cut the replacement patch.

    Make it 3 inches wider than the patch you removed so that it can overlap the panels on each side.

  4. Take off the nailing strip at the top of the new piece.

    Make sure you clean the area to be patched so that the silicone sticks.

  5. Spread silicone on the back of the patch.

    Use clear silicone, which is unnoticeable when it dries.

  6. Press the patch in place.

    Be sure to lock the top edge under the piece above and overlapping adjacent panels.

  7. Lock the bottom edge to the panel below.

  8. Wipe off excess silicone and clean the patch and adjacent panels.

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