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The edges of concrete steps sometimes break off or crumble. If the edge comes off in one piece and you still have it, you can refasten it with an epoxy cement. You need a wire brush, two-part epoxy adhesive, a board, and a concrete block or some other weight.

Old concrete that has crumbled, making dust and small bits of concrete, cannot be repaired. You have to hire a contractor to replace the old concrete. It’s a big job.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Clean the area.

    Use a wire brush on the concrete and the edge you want to refasten to get rid of any particles that might impede bonding.

  2. Apply epoxy cement to both surfaces — the pavement or step and the broken piece.

  3. Hold it the piece firmly in place for a couple minutes until the bond starts forming.

    Drying time varies. Read the package label for directions.

  4. Place a board and a concrete block or a pile of bricks against the glued surfaces to hold them firmly until the adhesive cures.


    If you glued the edge of a step, place one board against the riser and another board on the step. Put concrete blocks against one and on top of the other board.

  5. Let the patch cure. Depending upon the patch material used, you should let it cure overnight or for about a week.

Epoxy cement seals in spalls, too. Clean out the popped-out concrete and then follow the manufacturer’s directions.

If a big chunk of concrete broke off a step, you can repair it without having to spend money on taking out the old concrete and rebuilding the entire steps. If, however, the steps are generally in pretty bad shape — with crumbling concrete on the surface and deep cracks in other parts of the concrete —then the steps should be replaced.

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