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Ceiling fixtures come in lots of different shapes and there are many different ways to attach them. But no matter how a fixture is hung, the wiring is simple.

To replace a ceiling fixture, the first thing you do is turn off the power. Next remove the light bulb cover and bulbs from the fixture. You might want to get someone to help before you continue, because once you unscrew the screws or nuts, holding the fixture to the ceiling, you'll need both hands to work on the wires.

Lower the fixture base and then use a circuit tester to be sure all wires in the box are dead. The circuit tester should read zero.

Next remove the electrical tape or wire nuts from the black or hot wire, the white or neutral wire and if there is one, the green or ground wire.

Attach the wires from the new fixture with wire nuts to the corresponding wires in the electrical box.

Now, raise and position the new base plate so that you can screw the new holes through it and attach it to the mounting strap.

To finish, screw in new light bulbs and turn on the power.

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