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When applying white paint on a white ceiling, it’s hard to identify missed spots. Getting an even coat of white paint on a white ceiling is tough not only because it’s hard to see what you’ve covered with new paint and what you haven’t, but also because you’re working at an awkward angle.

To eliminate this spotty problem, try using a ceiling paint that’s tinted pink but dries white. Don’t be afraid of the pink. The pink tint is visible only when the paint is wet, which makes it easier to spot uneven coverage and other imperfections as you’re rolling on the paint.

This color-changing paint that rolls on pink is available only in a white finished color — that is, there isn’t a variety that dries to any other color but white. You can always tint regular ceiling paint to achieve the color you want.

You can get more information about this color-changing paint from a paint specialist at your local home improvement center or paint store.

Using this color-changing paint will take the guesswork out of painting ceilings. You’ll save yourself a lot of time, grief, and a definite pain in the neck.

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