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Who says families who live in the city can't grow their own vegetables! If you'd like to grow enough to feed your family all summer, here are some guidelines on how much of the most popular vegetables to plant to keep your family stocked with super-fresh veggies. You can adjust these numbers based on which vegetables you most like to eat. If you don't like to eat cabbage, don't grow it. If you love beans, grow lots of them.

Type of Vegetable Number of Plants Needed for a Family of Four
Beets 20 plants
Broccoli 5 plants
Brussels Sprouts 5 plants
Bush beans 15 plants
Pole beans 3 plants
Cabbage 5 plants
Carrots 20 plants
Cauliflower 5 plants
Swiss Chard 5 plants
Corn 20 plants
Cucumbers 2 plants
Eggplant 3 plants
Kale 5 plants
Lettuce 10 plants
Onions 20 plants
Peas 20 plants
Pepper 4 plants
Potatoes 10 plants
Radishes 20 plants
Summer Squash/zucchini 2 plants
Tomatoes 4 plants

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