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The names used for orchids are usually in Latin, since it's universally accepted. Don't be intimidated by orchid names! Here's a quick pronunciation guide, with abbreviations:

Genus Abbreviation Pronunciation
Aeranthes Aerth. Ay-er-an-thees
Angranthes Angth. An-gran-theez
Brassavola B. Bra-sah-vol-lah
Brassia Brs. Brass-ee-ah
Brassocattleya Bc. Brass-oh-kat-lee-ya
Brassolaelia Bl. Brass-oh-lay-lee-yah
Brassolaeliocattleya Blc. Brass-oh-lay-lee-oh-kat-lee-yah
Bulbophyllum Bulb. Bulb-oh-fill-um
Catasetum Ctsm. Kat-a-see-tum
Cattleya C. Kat-lee-ya
Cochleanthes Cnths. Kok-lee-an-theez
Coelogyne Coel. See-loj-in-ee
Coryanthes Crths. Kory-an-theez
Cymbidium Cym. Sim-bid-ee-um
Dendrobium Den. Den-droh-bee-um
Encyclia Encycl. En-sik-klee-ah
Epidendrum Epi. Eh-pi-den-drum
Epilaelia Epl. Eh-pi-lay-lee-ah
Laelia L. Lay-lee-ah
Laeliocattleya Lc. Lay-lee-oh-kat-lee-ya
Lycaste Lyc. Lye-kass-tee
Miltonia Milt. Mil-tone-ee-ah
Miltonidium Mtdm. Mil-tone-id-ee-um
Miltoniopsis Mltnps. Mil-tone-ee-op-sis
Odontobrassia Odbrs. Oh-don-toh-brass-ee-ah
Odontocidium Odcdm. Oh-don-toh-sid-ee-um
Oncidiuim Onc. On-sid-ee-um
Paphiopedilum Paph. Paff-ee-oh-ped-di-lum
Phalaenopsis Phal. Fal-en-op-sis
Phragmipedium Phrag. Frag-muh-pee-dee-um

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