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Anyone who tells you that they know the best card games is either a fool or exceptionally arrogant. But, it is possible to offer a selection according to the needs of the players, so here goes!

Best cards games based on a specific number of players

  • For one player: Accordion and Poker Patience if you’re short on space; La Belle Lucie if you can spread out

  • For two players: Gin Rummy, Spite and Malice, and Cribbage

  • For three players: Pinochle and Ninety-nine

  • For four players: Bridge, Euchre, and Spades

  • For five to eight players: Hearts, Poker, and Oh, Hell!

  • For eight or more: Eights and President

Best cards games based on type of play

  • Best games for serious, competitive types: Whist and Bridge

  • Best games if you’re playing in a cramped space: Hearts and Eights

  • Best games for large groups: Poker and Blackjack

  • Best games that combine bidding and play: Pinochle and Spades

  • Best partnership games: Bridge, Whist, and Euchre

Best cards games based on experience

  • For beginners: Oh Hell! and Ninety-Nine

  • For children: Go Fish, Concentration, and Cheat

  • For groups with mixed experience levels: Knock-Out Whist, Fan Tan, and Rummy

  • For experienced card-players who want new thrills: Pinochle and Cribbage

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Barry Rigal was born with a deck of cards in his hand. Having started with the children’s games, Whist, Rummy, and Solitaire, he moved on to Bridge at the age of 12. After graduating from Oxford University (where he captained the Bridge team), he worked in accountancy. Highlights of his work career were learning how to play Piquet and Clobyosh in the Tax Department of Thomson McLintock. After four years with Price Waterhouse, supervising the partnership’s Bridge team, he went into the world of business, working seven years in the Oil Taxation department of Conoco. During that time he began a career as a journalist and commentator on card games. Over the course of the last two decades he has written newspaper and magazine articles and six books on Bridge.

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