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To reap the rewards of living Paleo, you don’t need to be perfect. In fact, if you follow the Paleo guidelines 80 to 90 percent of the time, you’ll enjoy the majority of the benefits and vastly improve your health. However, during the 30-Day Reset, you need to follow the Paleo guidelines stringently.

To put it in plain language: There’s no cheating during the 30-Day Reset. To really detox and heal your body, you need to grit your teeth and get through the 30 days with no slip-ups, no compromises, no excuses, and no gray areas. Doing so isn’t always easy, but you’re tougher than any loaf of bread or bowl of pasta. You can outsmart a doughnut, and you can absolutely triumph over happy hour.

Ready to jump in? Here are the guidelines for your 30-day immersion into living Paleo:

  • Omit the foods on the “no” list. The purpose of the 30-Day Reset is to remove inflammatory foods from your plate, which means you need to avoid consuming processed foods, all grains, vegetable and seed oils, soy, legumes, added sugars, dairy, and alcohol.

  • Embrace the foods on the “yes” list. The good news is that you can eat until you’re satisfied from these food groups: all animal proteins, vegetables, fruits, and naturally occurring fats.

  • Stay hydrated. Your body needs water to help you detox, and drinking plenty of water can also help you manage your appetite. Get yourself a BPA-free water bottle and commit to drinking fresh water throughout the day. You’ll feel more energetic, your skin will look refreshed, and you’ll quickly figure out how to distinguish between thirst and hunger.

  • Get moving! The 30-Day Reset is an excellent time to add movement to your routine. Even 30 minutes of walking every day can make a remarkable difference in your metabolism, your stress level, and your mood.

  • Practice eyeballing portions. The 30-Day Reset is a great time to practice your portion skills. It may take a few weeks to understand your body’s hunger and satisfaction signals, but as you break the sugar cycle and the toxins leave your body, your hormonal systems begin to function correctly, and eating “right” becomes effortless.

  • Record your “before” you. Document your personal “before,” so you can celebrate your Paleo improvements.

Although you may be tempted to weigh yourself during your 30-Day Reset, resist. Instead, take your measurements or weigh yourself before starting the 30 days, and then forget about results and keep your focus on how you feel along the way. The 30-Day Reset is a liberating experience that helps you create healthy new habits and may change your relationship with the food you eat. Banish the scale for a month and free yourself to learn and grow.

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