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You may have trouble convincing your kids to try some of the veggie side dishes that are common on a Paleo diet. Getting some kids to eat healthy can be a chore. Have you ever had a meal with a kid who examines his plate as if he were the lead investigator of a crime scene? Texture is important to kids, but so is presentation. Kids are visual when it comes to food.

When your brain sees something colorful and yummy, you get a desire for that food and immediately begin to release enzymes, which help in breaking down your food. You may be able to get your kids to eat something just by cutting the food into the shape of a heart or adding a smiley face. Here are some other tools to make food look fun and appealing:

  • Cookie cutters: Pick some shapes your kids like and use them on any foods you can. Keep a bunch on hand.

  • Ladle: Use a ladle to put food in mounds to look like mountains. You can use different sizes for different effects.

  • Food for faces: Use whatever foods you can, like raisins, olives, baby carrots, or apple slices, to add eyes, noses, and mouths or other designs on foods. Make it funny for bonus kid points.

  • Lunchbox beauty: Make packed lunches look as attractive as possible (and keep everything separate for finicky types) by using lunch boxes with compartments.

  • Fun plates and cups: Invest in plates or cups in shapes or colors that your kids find fun and adventurous to eat from.

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