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A good Paleo workout is like good writing: vigorous and concise. Each of the following ten exercise routines is quick and effective. For tutorials on how to do the following exercises, and for more effective and efficient time-crunched workouts, check out Paleo Workouts For Dummies.

100-Meter Sprint

Sprint for 100 meters as many rounds as you can with good form in ten minutes.

Kettlebell Swings

Perform 20 two-arm kettlebell swings on the minute, every minute, for ten minutes.

Kettlebell Swing and Goblet Squat Ladder

Perform two swings then one goblet squat. Then do four swings and two goblet squats. Next, do six swings and three goblet squats. Continue this pattern until you get to ten swings and five goblet squats, and then work your way back down, in the same fashion, until you get back to two swings and one goblet squat.

Tabata Intervals

Pick an exercise that gets your heart rate up, like the kettlebell swing or goblet squat. Work it for 20 seconds on and then 10 seconds off for 4 minutes. For example, do kettelebell swings for 20 seconds, rest for 10, and repeat for a 4-minute block.

Interval Running

Sprint for 10 seconds, jog for 20 seconds, walk for 30 seconds. Repeat for 10 minutes.

Strength Ladders

Pick a heavy and challenging exercise, like the military press or front squat, and work one to five ladders. (A ladder is when each set adds repetitions to the last. So, for example, you do one rep, rest, two reps, rest, three reps, rest, four reps, rest, five reps, and rest for a five-rung ladder.) Perform as many of those as you can, with good form, in ten minutes.

Pain Chains

Line up three kettlebells, each one heavier than the last (have a light kettlebell, a medium kettlebell, and a heavy kettlebell). Perform five swings with each kettlebell. Keep cycling through the chain as many times as you can, with good form, in ten minutes.

Partner Push-Up Challenge

Face off against a friend. Do one push-up then have your friend do one push-up. You do two, and then your friend does two. See how high you can go, with good form, in ten minutes.

Practice Sets

Pick a movement you need to work on, such as the pull-up. Then pick a reasonable rep range (keep it less than five), and see how many quality sets you can do in ten minutes. Think of this as a time to practice your movement.

15 On/15 Off

Take a repetitive cardiovascular movement but not something too intense — something like a light kettlebell swing or a snatch — and work it for 15 seconds, and then rest for 15 seconds. Continue this sequence for ten minutes.

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