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Here's a list of words that can spell trouble for your low-carb lifestyle whether they appear on a packaged food, in a recipe, or on a menu. Most of these words are coupled with high carb and/or sugar counts. The keyword here is beware!

  • All you can eat

  • Batter-fried

  • Breaded

  • Covered in sauce

  • Crispy

  • Decadent

  • Deep fried

  • Dipped in batter

  • Extra-large

  • Glazed

  • Jumbo

  • Loaded

  • Pan-fried

  • Smothered

  • Tempura

Here are good keywords to look for in recipes when you're looking for new dishes to prepare the low-carb healthy lifestyle way:

  • Baked

  • Braised

  • Broasted

  • Char-broiled

  • Fresh

  • Grilled

  • Herb stuffed

  • Poached

  • Roasted

  • Steamed

  • Stir-fried

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