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There’s a certain lifestyle that goes along with juicing and smoothies. If done right, these foods can lead to a healthier you. Juices and smoothies are drinkable whole foods. They’re liquid and, therefore, drinkable because:

  • A juice machine has pressed or spun the water along with the nutrients out of them.

  • The powerful blades of a blender have broken down the carbohydrate and fiber so much that they’re liquidized and easily swallowed.

The word lifestyle indicates that drinking juices and smoothies is something that becomes a part of your life because it’s incorporated into a daily routine. So, the liquid lifestyle is a convenient way to incorporate organic, whole fruits and vegetables into your daily life in order to feel great and stay healthy.

The liquid lifestyle starts with healthy habits. You don’t need a miracle pill or expensive supplements to enjoy good health, and you don’t need to radically overhaul your life or your diet. When you opt for a liquid lifestyle, you’re choosing to add one new healthy habit. That’s it — simple and convenient. It’s not daunting or mystifyingly complicated. Instead, it’s easy and fun, with rewards that you may not expect. It’s also a habit that will lead to other healthy food decisions without making you feel like you’re giving something up.

By making this one healthy decision to drink juices or smoothies when your energy starts to wane or when you feel thirsty or hungry, you’re doing more than just one positive thing for yourself. Here are just some of the magical things that result from choosing a liquid lifestyle:

  • You’re eliminating high-fat and high-calorie foods that only add calories with no nutrients.

  • You’re resetting your taste sensors to eliminate your craving for salty or sugar-filled junk food.

  • You’re adding valuable fiber to help your body eliminate toxins and keep you regular.

  • You’re flooding your cells with high-quality nutrients that repair cells and protect against diseases.

In fact, when you’re enjoying a liquid lifestyle, you’re doing so much more than simply feeding a thirst or hunger. A liquid lifestyle can change the way you think about yourself. It can pave the way for a shift in your diet almost automatically, without making you feel deprived. After all, who wants to follow a refreshing fruit or vegetable juice with french fries?

Life in the 21st century is exciting, fast paced, and, at times, stressful. It’s a double whammy that as life gets faster, so does food. So, most people are grabbing refined and processed foods with less fiber and nutrients when their hectic jobs and busy schedules are actually pushing their bodies to require more and more quality foods just to keep them functioning.

After the very first glass of raw, fresh vegetable juice, you’ll feel the immediate response from your body. Keep up the liquid lifestyle, and you’ll be drinking yourself to better health.

The one key benefit of juices and smoothies is that they boost your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, two of the most important whole foods.

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