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Don’t let the pronunciation of a French wine get your tongue in a knot. Pronouncing the names of French wines just takes a little practicing, which you can do with the following table. Remember: Unlike English words, there are no stressed syllables in French words.

Aligoté (ah lee go tay) grand cru classé (grahn crew clahs say)
Bâtard-Montrachet (bah tar mon rah shay) grand vin (grahn van)
Blanc de Blancs (blahn deh blahn) Graves (grahv)
Chablis (shah blee) Haut-Brion (oh bree ohn)
Chambolle-Musigny (shom bowl moo sih nyee) Haut-Médoc (oh meh dock)
Chassagne-Montrachet (shah sahn n’yah mohn rah shay) Languedoc-Roussillon (lahn guh doc roo see yohn)
Château d’Yquem (sha toh dee kem) Loire (l’wahr)
Château Lynch-Bages (sha toh lansh bahj) Mâcon-Villages (mah con vil lahj)
Château Trotanoy (sha toh troh tahn wah) millisime (mill eh seem)
Corton-Charlemagne (cor tohn shar leh mahn) Moët (moh eT)
Côte de Nuits (coat deh n’wee) Pauillac (poy yac)
Côte Rotie (coat ro tee) Perrier-Jouët (pehr ree yay jhoo et)
Cramant (crah mahn) Sémillon (seh mee yohn)
crémant (cray mahn) St.-Emilion (sant eh mee l’yon)
Crozes-Hermitage (crows er mee tahj) vieilles vignes (vee ay veen)
Cru Bourgeois (crew boor j’wah) vin de pays (van deh pay ee)
Domaine Leroy (doh main leh rwah) Viognier (vee oh n’yay)
Gevrey-Chambertin (jehv ray sham ber tan) Vosne-Romanée (vone roh mah nay)
Gosset (go say)

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