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If you’re a home winemaker anywhere in the world, at some point you’ll probably need to convert metric measures to U.S. measures and vice versa. The following table shows some of the key conversions winemakers need:

Quantity U.S. Measures Metric Measures
Vineyard yield (premium grapes) 3 to 5 U.S. tons per acre 6 to 9 metric tons per hectare
Grape weight to wine volume (commercial) 1 U.S. ton = 175 gallons red, 160 gallons white 1 metric ton = 730 liters red, 667 liters white
Grapes weight to wine volume (home) 100 pounds = 7 gallons red, 6 gallons white
1 U.S. ton = 140 gallons red, 120 gallons white
100 kilograms (kg) = 58 liters red, 50 liters white
1 metric ton = 583 liters red, 500 liters white
Liquid to bottles (750-milliliter bottles) 1 gallon = 5.1 bottles 1 liter = 1.33 bottles
Cases per ton (commercial) 1 U.S. ton = 75 cases red 1 metric ton = 83 cases red
Grapes per bottle (home) 2.8 pounds of red grapes per 750-ml bottle 1.27 kilograms of red grapes per 750-ml bottle

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