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Knowing how to read knitting abbreviations and shorthand becomes easier the more you work with knitting patterns. Common knitting abbreviations and shorthand include RS (right side), WS (wrong side), beg (beginning), and rep (repeat). Pattern instructions explain any unusual abbreviations or ones that may vary from pattern to pattern.

This table shows some of the most common pattern abbreviations.

Common Knitting Abbreviations
Abbreviation What It Means Abbreviation What It Means
beg beginning pwise purlwise (as if to purl)
CC contrasting color rem remain(s) or remaining
ch chain rep repeat
cn cable needle RH right-hand
dec decrease(s), decreased, or decreasing RS right side(s)
dpns double-pointed needles rnd(s) round(s)
foll follows or following sc single crochet
inc increase(s), increased, or increasing sl slip, slipped, or slipping
k knit sl st slip stitch
k2tog knit 2 stitches together ssk slip, slip, knit the slipped stitches together
k-b knit in stitch below St st stockinette stitch
kwise knitwise (as if to knit) st(s) stitch(es)
LH left-hand tbl through the back of the loop
lp(s) loop(s) tog together
MC main color WS wrong side(s)
m1 (or m) make 1 stitch (increase 1 stitch) wyib with yarn in back
p purl wyif with yarn in front
pat(s) pattern(s) yb yarn back
p-b purl in stitch below yf yarn forward
pm place marker yo yarn over
psso pass slipped stitch over (used for decreasing)

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