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Increasing one single crochet at the beginning of the row is the same as doing it in the middle or at the end of a row, because the turning chain in a single crochet row doesn’t count as a stitch. Wherever you want to increase 1 single crochet, just work 2 single crochet stitches in the designated stitch.

Diagram of how to increase with single crochet.

This completed single crochet increase sure is simple to do!

Diagram of the completed single crochet increase.

In a crochet stitch diagram, you may see a symbol like this one, which represents a single crochet increase.

The single crochet increase symbol.

Increasing stitches (abbreviated inc) in crocheting is just what it sounds like. You add stitches to a crocheted row so that it has more stitches than the previous one. Depending on the type of design that you’re making, you can increase stitches anywhere in the row: at the beginning, end, or middle; in every other stitch; or anyplace where you want the shaping to occur.

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