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You can easily shop for Christmas decorations and stay within budget. Inexpensive Christmas décor is available at places that you may never have thought to look. Just check out the following possibilities:

  • Mass market retailers. You can find some quality Christmas decorations at such as Target, Wal-Mart, and K-Mart, that stock plenty of trendy to traditional merchandise. Because these retailers have incredible buying power, they pass those savings on to us.

  • Craft stores. Don’t forget that craft stores keep beefing up their holiday merchandise selections in home décor. No longer do you have to make everything from scratch if you purchase from a craft store. Many premade items are constantly being put on clearance even during the height of the holiday shopping season.

    Check for discount coupons on major craft store Web sites, direct mail pieces, and in newspapers. Often, these retailers have 40 to 50 percent-off coupons that can save you a bundle if you’re investing in larger purchases.

  • Hardware stores or home improvement centers. The color silver is closely tied to Christmas, and the hardware stores are a silvermine:

    Buy silvery mud trays, normally used to hold drywall joint compound, and use them to hold flatware for buffets. You can also seal the joints with a silicone sealant and use them as low-lying centerpiece containers. Fill them with aquarium gravel or beach glass, and let paperwhite narcissus bulbs bloom in them. Place them on mantels, shelves, or any place you need a filler.

    Silver paint buckets, found in the paint section can double as ice buckets for wine, decorative pots for planting beautiful blooms, or decorative containers for party mix, bread sticks, and other nibbles. Wrap a red ribbon around the middle of the container, and you automatically dress it up for the season.

  • Dollar stores, consignment shops, Goodwill. Bargains galore fill these stores, from paper goods and tableware to decorative items and more.

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