Auto Repair For Dummies, 2nd Edition
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Taking the time for regular under-the-hood vehicle checks will help prevent problems later. Spending 15 minutes every month for an under-the-hood check may prevent 70% of problems that lead to highway breakdowns. Convinced? Then run through the following list once a month or every 1,000 miles:

Check the air filter. Check the automatic transmission fluid level on the dipstick.
Check the accessory belts. Check the brake fluid.
Check the battery. Check the power-steering fluid.
Check the coolant. Check the windshield wipers and amount of windshield washer fluid.
Check the hoses. Check the wiring.
Check the oil level on the dipstick. Check the tires.

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Deanna Sclar is an acclaimed auto repair expert. She has appeared on hundreds of radio and TV shows, including NBC's Today show and the NBCNightly News. Sclar lectures internationally on the ecological impact of vehicles and is active in promoting residential solar energy programs. Sclar is also the author of Buying a Car For Dummies.

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