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Avoiding debt and establishing a good credit standing play an important role in the lives of Australians. Today, the rewards for being a consumer of good credit standing have never been greater, but, unfortunately, the penalties for being constantly in debt have also never been greater. Learning how to set financial goals, use credit advantageously, avoid identity theft and implement a budget are important skills for Australian consumers.

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Melyssa Barrett is vice president of identity solutions at Visa, Inc., where she creates products to detect and predict fraud within consumer credit, debit, and prepaid products. Steve Bucci, BA, MA, is a personal finance expert and a nationally syndicated columnist whose column is carried by the financial megasite Bucci served as president of several nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping the consumer wisely use credit. These include the Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) of Rhode Island, the CCCS of Southern New England, and the Money Management International Financial Education Foundation. Rod Griffin is senior director of consumer education and advocacy for Experian, responsible for the company's national consumer education programs and outreach.

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