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Although the world’s very first exchange-traded fund began trading in Canada on the Toronto Stock Exchange way back in 1990, Canadian ETFs have only truly exploded onto the mainstream investing landscape over the past few years. Thanks to the recession and today’s slow-moving market, many Canadians have ditched their advisors and are now buying low-cost ETFs. The benefits, of course, are straightforward: ETFs are usually cheaper than mutual funds and are a wonderful way to diversify your investment portfolio. In Canada ETFs are being used more and more in Registered Retirement Savings Plans and Tax-Free Savings Accounts, where many of Canada’s hard-working citizens store the bulk of their savings. If you’re wondering how ETFs can help make you money, then check out these helpful articles for quick statistics on the rising popularity of ETFs in Canada, the best Canadian brokerages to turn to in order to build your ETF portfolio, and a list of the top online resources for Canadian ETF investors.

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