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Real estate agents spend an undue amount of time on production-supporting activities, or PSAs. These activities include all the steps necessary to support such direct income-producing activities as prospecting, lead follow-up, taking listings, and making sales. You can’t avoid the administrative functions that support your sales and customer service efforts, but you can and should handle them in the absolutely fewest number of hours possible. Here’s how:
  • Chunk the time. Handle PSA tasks in dedicated blocks of time so they don’t eat away at your whole day. Errands, MLS searches, MLS input, home flyer creation, filing, copying, faxing, meeting home inspectors or appraisers, getting feedback from showings, and purchasing supplies are only a sampling of the necessary tasks that support your production efforts. Keep a list, block time for all that needs to be done, and tackle the tasks as a consolidated effort rather than constant interruptions to your day.

  • Work the web. Technology streamlines processes but also requires monitoring. Delegate certain days and times to go online for PSA duties. Checking websites like Zillow, Trulia, and to make sure links and information have been uploaded properly are important parts of an agent’s work schedule. The key is to schedule these activities so you're not over-spending time to complete these activities. Work within a pre-determined timeframe to get those administrative functions done so you can concentrate on other money-making tasks.

  • * Delegate work. Is there administrative help somewhere in your sales department? Can you find someone to lend a hand? Are there internship programs that might provide some eager business students who want to learn the business from the ground up? A talk with your sales manager may help.

  • Understand where PSAs rank. Realize that PSA tasks produce little new revenue, so don’t let them take over your day or you’ll never get on to income-producing efforts. Agents can take a whole day or even a whole week of time to work on tasks that support a deal. Yes, deal, as in one! Get your support work done quickly so you can invest the bulk of your time to finding and working the next deal.

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