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Military service is a demanding way of life for the entire family. To keep your military family together and happy, try to remember and apply the following pointers:

  • Be flexible!

  • Respect each other’s dreams and goals.

  • Manage expectations.

  • Develop family rituals.

  • Maintain open lines of communication.

  • Take advantage of all opportunities afforded to you by the military.

  • Remember that you are just as important to the mission as your servicemember spouse.

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Sheryl Garrett is a financial advisor, author, and speaker. She founded the Garrett Planning Network and is the author of Personal Finance Workbook For Dummies.

Sue Hoppin is the Deputy Director for Spouse Outreach at the Military Officers Association of America. In 2007, Military Spouse magazine placed Sue on their 2007 Who's Who of Military Spouses list.

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