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After you’ve selected and hired the best candidates for your food truck staff, you need to put together a couple of government forms as well as some internal documents for the new hires to complete. You’ll also want to give them a personal copy of your employee handbook, which includes all your policies and procedures, and you may want to have them sign a document that confirms they received, read, understood, and agree with all the attached policies.

Keep these forms on hand for new employees you hire after you open your truck. Having these forms available and ready as you need them will help make the hiring process go quicker and smoother.

  • I-9 (required): Every employee must complete this form in order to work in the United States. You, as a business owner, must hold onto these documents for three years after hiring an employee or one year after the end of his employment with you.
  • W-4 (required): This IRS document allows your employees to claim the amount of tax to withhold from their paycheck. The fewer dependents an employee claims, the greater the amount of tax that will be deducted from each of his checks.
  • Attendance calendar (optional): This form allows you to track an employee’s sick days, vacation days, and other days off.
  • Emergency contact card (optional): This form comes in handy should you have to take an employee to the hospital and need to contact his family or friends to let them know of the situation. Typically, an employee lists his spouse, parent/guardian, or close friend as an emergency contact.

Maintain a file for each of your employees that includes these forms in addition to their job application and/or resumé. Doing so is a good business practice, and having these documents together and readily available is important in case your business is ever audited.

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