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Even if you already have your menu planned, take all the following categories into consideration after your bar opens and you have a chance to observe what your patrons expect and which items that may benefit your business:

  • Appetizers: An appetizer is a dish that's served before the main meal in a restaurant. In bars, sometimes the only menu is an appetizer menu.

  • Full-blown menu: Many bars have larger menus these days. Your menu may start with the pub grub idea and later expand further to include items such as salads, entrees (like ribs, steaks, and pasta), desserts, and even kids' menus.

  • Happy hour: Some bars choose to only serve food during happy hour, a period of time designed to draw in a crowd with special pricing and promotions.

  • Pub grub: Pub grub is the affectionate term for typical bar food like chicken wings, onion rings, cheese sticks, burgers, and so on.

  • Tapas: Tapas are snacks or small plates in the Spanish tradition. They don't have to be Spanish food, just small portions of great dishes.

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