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Technology affects practically every entrepreneurial venture, and savvy entrepreneurs know which tech resources to turn to. You use technology to help determine what to sell, how to sell it, where it's selling, and who's buying it. To keep on top of technology, browse these Web sites periodically for helpful information:

  • Wired.com: Find articles on what’s happening in the world of technology.

  • Slashdot.com: See tech information before it hits the newsstands.

  • CNN.com Technology: All of CNN’s great tech resources, including archives of its popular technology TV shows.

  • CNNMoney.com Small Business: Great online articles about businesses that use technology to get ahead.

  • ZDNet: Everything you ever wanted to know about e-commerce, even technical help.

  • CNET: Home of tech news, auctions, hardware and software reviews, helpful hints, Internet tools, and Web building tools.

  • Free Websites Directory: Ratings of free hosts on their reliability, features, ease of use, speed, and size.

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