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If you're looking for guidance running your Etsy shop, look no further than Etsy's Seller Handbook. (You access the Seller Handbook by scrolling down to the footer area on any Etsy Marketplace page and, under Sell on Etsy, clicking the Seller Handbook link.) This deep-dive resource, shown in the following figure, contains links to hundreds of articles, with new ones added every week.

For ease of navigation, Etsy has organized these articles into categories, from photography to shipping to marketing and beyond. Or you can search for articles by topic by entering a keyword in the Search field at the top of the Seller Handbook page.

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The Seller Handbook.

The Seller Handbook is also available on the Sell on Etsy app. To access it, tap Settings & Help, and then tap Seller Handbook.

For even more insight into selling on Etsy, turn your ears to the Etsy Success podcast, available on iTunes and SoundCloud. In this podcast, Etsy employees and Etsy sellers from all over the world share their expert tips on running a successful Etsy shop.

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