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The Your Favorites/Items page includes just one list, called "Items I Love." That's where your favorite items are stored by default. But if you find yourself favoriting lots of different types of items — say, goodies for your home, nifty gift ideas, tempting trinkets, or what have you — you can organize them into different lists, or collections. To create a new list, follow these steps:
  1. In the Your Favorites/Items page, click the Create New List button.

    etsy-new-favorite Source:

    Create a new list.

    Etsy prompts you to type a name for the list.

  2. Type a name for the list and click Create.

    Etsy creates the list, which, for now, is empty.

  3. To add an item to the list, open the item's listing, click the Add To button (to the right of the Favorite button), and choose the list from the menu that appears, as shown. (Notice that you also have the option of creating a new list on the fly.)

    etsy-add-item Source:

    Add the item to the list.

    Etsy adds the item to the list.

    etsy-new-list Source:

    The new list appears on the Your Favorites/Items page.
What if you've already favorited something and you want to move it to a different list? To do so, open the list that currently contains the item. Then hover your mouse cursor over the item. A drop-down arrow appears; click it and choose the desired list from the menu or opt to move it to a new list entirely.

etsy-move-favorite Source:

Move a Favorite to a different list.

Even if you organize your favorite items into collections, you may still collect so many that it becomes difficult to find the one you want. In that case, you can search for items in your Favorites by using the Search Available Items field in the Your Favorites/Items page. Simply type a relevant keyword and press Enter or Return, and voilà! Etsy displays items you've favorited that match your criteria. (Note that only those items that are still available are displayed. If the item you're looking for has been sold or its listing has expired, you won't see it in the list of results.)

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