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Build awareness of your micro-entrepreneurial business with videos that drive visitors to your blog or website. A video blog allows you to express yourself visually to your micro-entrepreneurial business customer.

Whether you’re sharing opinions, information, or a sales message, a video can be a powerful way to communicate to potential and existing customers.

To promote your business, you can create a video, post it to YouTube, and then share it with others right through your blog. When you post video blogs on YouTube, you can add a title and text in the description (and links to any sites or sales pages).

You can share your YouTube video with others in two ways:

  • A link: You can place the link for your video on your blog, ezine, social media, or in a simple email message.

  • An embedded HTML code: You can incorporate this code in your website or blog. (You can also include it in other venues, such as Google+ and Facebook).

If you use the embedded HTML approach, be sure to indicate at your YouTube channel (where all your YouTube videos reside) not to “show suggested videos when the video finishes” because it may show competitors videos when your video ends.

Suppose you have a financial and business blog. You don’t always have to write something. Sometimes, you can post a video to your YouTube channel. You might then take the embedded HTML code and place it into your blog post (at YouTube, the coding can easily be cut and pasted from there straight into your blog post).

Visitors can then view the YouTube video right on your blog. You might use the video either in place of text or in addition to text. For example, you might title your blog post and then provide introductory text just before the video with some text afterwards that encourages the viewer/reader to click on a link to an appropriate offer or other consideration (such as opt-in to your subscriber list).

If you want, you can integrate your YouTube channel, blog, and ezine with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, which expands your potential as both a publisher and marketer.

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