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Even lesser-known social media sites can provide a marketing boon to your micro-entrepreneurial business. Promoting your micro-entrepreneurial business through social media is an essential tool for any business toolkit. You may have already begun marketing your business through LinkedIn and Twitter, but there are other social media sites that may also be worth your while, such as Squidoo, Pintrest, and others.

Market your micro-entrepreneurial business on Squidoo

Squidoo is a social site that focuses on content-sharing. It’s a great place to find some great articles on all sorts of how-to topics. Users can view an article (or other content such as an audio or video) through a lens.

For the marketer, Squidoo is a way to market your product or service and business by offering content. When participants at Squidoo like your content, they can be receptive to what you have to offer for sale.

One of the simplest ways to make money (or to do your marketing) on Squidoo is to put links in your articles. You can hyperlink text in your articles (for example) that the reader can click and be able to go to your website, blog, video, or your landing page that sells a product or service for which you’re an affiliate.

Just keep in mind that whatever you sell or are connected to, make sure that it’s closely matched to whatever content (such as your article) you’re sharing. Some people do a product review and then include links to that product so that they can get an affiliate commission.

Squidoo makes its money from advertising. But in the same way the folks share their content through lens; Squidoo shares its advertising revenue with those folks that provide the content. Half of Squidoo’s advertising revenue goes into a pool of revenue that is divvied up among those providing the content.

Market your micro-entrepreneurial business on Pinterest

Pinterest burst out on the scene in 2011. It’s a site where participants share pictures and other images with each other. For example, someone may love a particular book, so they “pin” (upload or provide a link to) a picture of it to share. Maybe someone really enjoyed a particular movie so he or she pins the movie poster or other graphic.

You can participate on Pinterest by pinning pictures of products or providing videos of interest that are tied to what you offer.

Here are some resources to help you succeed on Pinterest:

Market your micro-entrepreneurial business on other social-media sites

Connecting with potential customers and building business relationships is the whole point of your business being on social media sites. Find out about all the major ones and make a plan to focus on a couple to see if their venues can help your business.

Investigate these sites because sometimes they can prove to be useful to your business pursuits:

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