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If all you need for your micro-entrepreneurial business is the occasional task or a small job done, then maybe you don’t need full-blown outsourcing assistance. You may just need someone to complete a micro-task for you.

A micro-task is any small or minor task that someone is willing to do for a relatively small sum. Some examples of micro-tasks include the following:

  • You posted a new video at your video channel, and you want a boost to the viewership. You can pay $5 or $10 to get 1,000 viewers or have it announced to somebody’s 5,000 Twitter followers.

  • You need a blog set up.

  • You need a 500-word article on a particular topic.

  • You need a two-minute promotional video produced for your company.

If you need micro-task help, you can check out these main sites:

  • Fiverr: This site is the premier (or at least most well-known) site on micro-tasking. Although you use it for business and serious pursuits, you’ll find some fun and off-the-wall stuff, too (like having someone wearing a gorilla suit sing “happy birthday” to your sweetheart).

  • Gigzon: This site offers a platform for buyers and sellers of services (and products, too) for up to $100.

  • Mechanical Turk: This is a micro-tasking site from Amazon. Here the gigs are called HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks).

  • Microworkers: This site competes with Fiverr with a similar business model, but it’s more geared to work-related tasks and costs can be higher than just $5.

  • NetTradr: This popular site focuses on general micro-tasking; it’s most similar to Gigzon.

  • Ten Bux: This site is similar in look and feel to Fiverr (in fact, the same company runs it), but the work assignments (referred to as Jobs) can run between $5 and $10.

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