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After you build an audience for your micro-entrepreneurial business email magazine (ezine), you can choose to add advertising. You’ve built a lengthy list of ezine readers interesting in your niche market, and if you want, you can profit from that by selling advertising in your ezine.

It shouldn’t surprise you that others will pay to gain access to your list. In the same way you advertised to gain exposure to your target market, they will seek to do the same. You can offer advertising in your ezine and make money.

Before you jump into the advertising pool, find out how other email newsletters are doing advertising by visiting places like Best Ezines. Sign up to some ezines that are similar in size and content to yours, and see how they incorporate advertising. You can even email them or go to their websites for advertising rates and information so you can formulate your policy, pricing, and so on.

You can offer advertising directly or indirectly:

  • Direct ezine advertising: Advertisers can run ads in your ezine at a cost of $25 for a four-line classified ad or $95 for solo ads.

  • Indirect ezine advertising: You can also offer advertising in your ezine indirectly by signing up your ezine on ezine advertising networks.

    Suppose a large advertiser of a product that your ezine is about wants to advertise with that network. Assume that the network has ten ezines on the topic with a total combined readership of 50,000 subscribers, and you’re one of the ezines in that group.

    Through this network, the large advertiser decides to run an ad at a set cost. In this case, the ad would run in all ten ezines, and they would get a pro-rata share (based on size of ezine subscribers) of the advertising revenue for that ad (after the network deducts its share).

Suppose you do a free ezine. It has great content and readers love it. The ezine has a huge audience because subscribers are happy with the content. Even though the ezine is free, you can generate big revenue from advertising fees and affiliate commissions. Money from free content? You gotta like it!

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