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In an agile project, a requirement that meets the scrum team's (and the agile) definition of done is: complete and ready to demonstrate at the end of a sprint. The definition of done drastically changes the risk factor for agile projects. By creating a product that meets the definition of done in every sprint, you end each sprint with a usable, working product. Even if outside factors cause a project to end early, project stakeholders still see some value and have a working product to use now and build upon later. The product owner and the development team agree upon the details of the definition, which covers four elements:



The development team must fully create the working product requirement.



The development team must have tested that the product works correctly and is bug-free.



The development team must have ensured that the requirement works in conjunction with the whole product and any related systems.



The development team must have created notes about how it created the product.

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