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Whatever you sell and whatever the size of your business, these simple and universal practices can help you to market and sell your product and services more effectively.

  • Never miss an opportunity to present yourself well. Everything from your clothing and business card to the envelope in which you send an invoice must work toward your marketing goals.

  • Spend at least ten minutes a day marketing your company. So many people don’t do marketing routinely – and then complain that they don’t have enough customers or revenue.

  • Know what you want to get out of your marketing before you write the first cheque. You can lose your focus all too easily and invest in useless activities. In a field as complex and multifaceted as marketing, make sure to have a simple, clear objective in sight at all times.

  • Know what makes you special to customers and prospects, so that you can remind them of your strengths in every marketing communication. They buy from you for this reason alone.

  • Experiment. Great businesses are built on great marketing formulas, and you have to arrive at those formulas through trial and error.

  • Sort out the people who don’t want what you sell and eliminate them from your marketing straight away. Wasting time and effort on the wrong prospects is the single biggest cause of inefficiency in sales and marketing.

  • If your plan looks complicated, you haven’t finished it yet. The best marketing is blindingly simple. You want to aim for a one-page marketing plan, because you may actually be able to implement it!

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