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Outbound marketing means proactively reaching out to potential prospects within your target accounts to tell them about your company's solution. Not all prospects will come to you, so you need to create an outbound marketing strategy to get in front of them. If you have your list of target accounts, your outbound activities are meant to reach out and engage the contacts in those accounts. Examples of outbound marketing activities are
  • Advertising: Targeted advertising through Google Ads or an account-based marketing platform, tailored for your contacts.

With an account-based marketing (ABM) advertising platform, you build a list of contacts to target from the data in your CRM, then present customized advertising on digital channels (such as mobile, social, and video). You can see whether your targeted contacts clicked on any of your advertisements, giving you account-level attribution. This data is captured in both your marketing automation system and CRM.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Paid keyword promotion on search engines, such as Google.
  • Email: Your marketing automation system has several types of emails you can send. Every marketing automation platform comes with email templates to make it easy for your marketing team to plug in content and send emails. The types of emails you send include
    • Drip/nurture emails: These highly personalized emails are set up to send on a schedule. They "drip" to your prospects to nurture them from the prospect stage into potential opportunities. Drip emails contain a link to content, such as a recent blog post, whitepaper, or ebook, to help increase the awareness of your company's solution.

      Drip emails should be updated regularly to keep your content fresh. Don't send a whitepaper that was published more than a year ago to a new contact in an account.

    • Sharing new content: List emails promoting a new piece of content are a great way to promote your company's thought leadership.
    • Event invitations: Inviting your prospects and customer accounts to attend an upcoming webinar, sending the link to register, or visit your booth at a trade show.
  • Direct Mail: Even though direct mail is an offline activity (you're physically sending your prospects something in the mail), you should set this up as a campaign in marketing automation. This helps you monitor what happened after you sent the mail, and whether the contacts in the account became an opportunity.

  • Video: Your marketing automation tool integrates with video marketing services, such as Wistia or Vidyard, that monitor the activity of the contact viewing your video. With outbound marketing, you're tracking whether someone watches a video a BDR sends them instead of whether they watched a video they "discovered" on a landing page or website.

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