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Commonly referred to as a value prop, a value proposition calls attention to the features and capabilities of a product, service, or feature. In business-to-business (B2B) marketing, providing your prospect a value proposition demonstrates the benefit of doing business with your company.

Differentiating value based on roles

Because you've taken the time to identify personas with whom you want to do business, you can address a value proposition to their individual responsibilities. To create a value proposition based on roles, you will need to consider the challenge each of your personas is faced with, and the solution for overcoming those challenges.

Tailoring your message

Your message must be personalized for each of your personas. Each of your personas has specific wants, needs, pains, and fears. Here's an example of a value proposition for why a B2B marketing professional would want to use account-based marketing.

Account-based marketing gives you the ability to accelerate your sales pipeline. Because you are laser-focused on the best-fit accounts for your business, you engage only qualified prospects. For your marketing team, this allows you to better target the contacts which match personas in your ICP accounts. Better targeting eliminates the process of typical lead generation. You're providing additional air-cover for sales by using a combination of content marketing activities in addition to targeting display advertising at these best-fit accounts. For your sales team, this shortens the deal cycle and increases your win rate.

Remembering everyone is different

Acknowledging that no persona is like another is important. Personalized messages based on your persona's unique motivations will resonate much more than a blanket message that screams "You should buy my product!" Remember these key points for personalizing your marketing activities to each of your personas.
  • Who: The person behind the persona. Treat them as a person, not just a data point.
  • What: The tasks and responsibilities this human must take care of every day.
  • Where: The place or channel you should try to engage with the persona. Most days, she's probably chained to her desk working.
  • When: If your persona is busy at work, then the best time to reach her may be after regular business hours. If your persona goes to an annual tradeshow, find out when that is.
  • Why: Engaging the persona on her own terms, at the right time and place, is much more effective than continuing to blast her with emails.
  • How: This is the premise of account-based marketing. You're using a combination of the right marketing activities to engage with your targeted persona.

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