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Themes are the foundation and keywords are the building blocks of your website SEO campaign. To optimize your website to attract search engine traffic, you need to know the topics and keywords to focus your web pages on. Some great tools for keyword research are available online.

The most popular free keyword research tool might just be Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner. But there’s an obstacle to using it — you must have an AdWords account, which requires the setup of a payment method. Another free option is available, and this tool actually pulls keyword suggestions and data from Google along with Bing. This free tool is called the Keyword Suggestion tool, and a lightweight version is available to anyone to use without even logging in.

You can use this tool when you’re

  • Researching keywords from square one: Whenever you’re starting keyword selection with a mostly blank slate, use this tool to get keyword suggestions based on seed keywords.

  • Vetting keywords by checking to see if searchers actually use them: You can check the keywords on your list to see how much people search for them and get trending data.

  • Looking for new, relevant keywords to expand your keyword list: If you already have a list of keywords, you can open up opportunities you’re not currently aware of through keyword research.

How to use the Keyword Suggestion Tool

  1. Go to

  2. Click on SEO Tools.

  3. Click on Free Tools.

  4. Click on the Keyword Suggestion Tool.

  5. Enter a single seed keyword into the box.

  6. Click the Get Suggestions button.


What you get from the Keyword Suggestion Tool

For your seed keyword, use a word or phrase that you think is a good starting keyword from which you would like more similar keyword ideas. The tool returns 20 suggestions along with the following: average monthly search volume, cost per click, and click-through rate — historical keyword statistics that help you assess how valuable and competitive a term may be.

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