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You can opt for paid advertising on Tumblr as part of your social media marketing campaign. The idea of advertisements showing up in their feed is usually met with a negative response by users. Mindful of this distaste, Tumblr has been very cautious about introducing advertising into the mix.

One thing Tumblr prides itself on is the fact that it uses native advertising. This means that the posts in a user’s feed look pretty much like a regular post. Depending on your point of view, this can be good or bad.

There can be quite a bit of exposure for your posts. According to Tumblr, 60 percent of engagement with Sponsored Posts comes from nonfollowers who see the post in someone else’s feed.

Several types of posts are paid for, including the following:

  • Sponsored web posts: These posts are just what you’d expect them to be. They are found in your feed when you access your feed from a desktop or laptop.

  • Sponsored Mobile posts: When you access Tumblr on your mobile device, you see Sponsored posts in your feed. These posts have been approved by Tumblr and tested before they are posted.

  • Sponsored Trending blogs: These posts are seen in your mobile feed when you click the search icon at the bottom on your screen. This display is created by Tumblr for you. You need to submit three representative posts, and they are displayed as a Trending blog.

  • Sponsored Radar: There is a section labeled Radar on the right side of your dashboard. This is where sponsored Radar posts show up. The post is very visible in the dashboard and gets some good exposure.

  • Sponsored Spotlight: This type of post is chosen to be displayed by Tumblr based on the value it has to the community. To have your post chosen, you need to submit it no less than 24 hours before you plan to run it.

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