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Harvesting comb honey boils down to two basic equipment choices, using section comb cartridges or the cut‐comb method. Either works fine. You need special equipment on your hives to produce these special kinds of honey.

Section comb cartridges

Honeycomb kits consist of special supers containing wooden or plastic section comb cartridges. Each cartridge contains an ultrathin sheet of wax foundation. Using them enables the bees to store honey in the package that ultimately is used to market the honeycomb. Ross Rounds makes circular section comb in clear plastic containers. This is a product with enormous eye‐appeal!

You typically need a strong nectar flow to encourage the bees to make any kind of section comb honey. For this reason, making comb honey is more challenging than the more traditional extracted honey. You might want to defer this adventure for the second year of your back‐yard beekeeping.

Cut comb

The cut‐comb method uses conventional honey supers and frames, but it also uses a special foundation that is ultrathin and unwired. After bees fill the frames with capped honey, the comb is cut from the frames. You can use a knife, or a comb honey cutter, which looks like a square cookie cutter and makes the job easy.

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