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In the modern world of account-based marketing, the digital and display advertising solutions available are evolving faster than ever. Unlike the Mad Men days of the 1950s, the advertising world moves at a lightning pace. Imagine what Don Draper would say when you told him he wouldn't have to wait for six months to receive the research that tells him whether his latest advertising is working. The modern marketer gets these real-time insights.

Advertising has become a scientific way of testing and refining your company's messages. You still go through similar motions as the mad men, but you're spending less money and less time.

The purpose of advertising is to build brand awareness. Especially if you're a new or early-stage company, the potential new customers you're trying to reach will not be familiar with your brand. Advertising helps to create awareness and name recognition. Here are four main types of advertising:

  • Display: You see these ads all over the web. Banner ads, pop ups, and creative pictures are trying to drive you to another link. This requires interaction when the end user clicks through to an additional landing page. Impressions are also a key metric; they count the number of times your ad was served up to an end user.
  • Mobile: Advertising on mobile devices continues proliferate. You've seen these ads while using applications on your mobile phone or while surfing on your internet browser.
  • Video: Video advertisements are gaining momentum. YouTube makes the user wait and watch a full video ad before allowing the user to view content.
  • Social: There are many social media platforms, with new platforms emerging every day. For B2B marketing teams, the two main social media applications for the most seamless advertising are LinkedIn and Twitter. The end user is already scrolling through social media feeds, timelines, and news articles. It's here where you can promote or "sponsor" updates and serve up advertising.

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