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Most content marketers agree that creating content requires a well-thought-out content plan. Here are some items to remember when you begin creating content:

  • Look at the competition's content strategy. Your customers will see the content your competitors create. Shouldn't you be as familiar with it as they are? You can't compete unless you know what content your competitors are using to grab your customer's attention. You can't beat them until you carefully analyze what they are doing.

  • Ask customers what they want to learn. Surveying your customers is one of the best ways to learn what they care about. Don't be shy about sending out a survey. You can be sure that your competitors are asking them these questions.

  • Optimize headlines. Headlines matter! Some people never read beyond the title of your article. If you want to get your readers to relate to your brand, you need to entice them with a juicy headline. Several programs, such as Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer, are available to help you create a title that will grab your prospects' attention.

  • Use keywords. Keywords help your customers find you. When they type a search into Google, you want to make sure that your business is at or near the top of the search results. The only way you can do that is to find and use the keyword phrases your customers use.

  • Focus on business goals. Your content topics should be based on your business goals. Those goals must be the driving factor. If you create content without tying them to business goals, you risk jeopardizing your company's growth.

  • Listen to social media. Get in on the conversations happening all around your industry. You want to connect with both the influencers and the people who care about your topics so that you know what to write about that will engage them.

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