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Marketing through the social media platforms is completely different from traditional offline marketing. Here are six guidelines to consider that will help you have a successful marketing campaign:

  • Make sure you give your customers something valuable. An endless number of sites are eager to provide your customers with the content you haven't supplied. Think carefully about always delivering value, or your competitors will.

  • Recognize that there are different types of influencers who impact your customer's decisions at different points in the marketing funnel. Do the research to know who is influencing your customers and where. Influential bloggers are a great place to start.

  • Use multiple social media channels to make sure you have the potential to reach your customers from anywhere they congregate. Think about how all your social programs can work together to deliver customer satisfaction.

  • Make your customers brand advocates and partners in your business. Give them the opportunity to impact not just marketing but also product development, customer service, and innovations.

  • Develop an authentic brand voice across all the social media platforms. Your customers want to know what you stand for. If you say contradictory things, they will become confused and go elsewhere.

  • Find out what words your customers use to describe your products. Look at the jargon they use as well as the superlatives. Use the same words to influence their discussions and demonstrate that you understand their views.

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