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Are you a leader (or a potential one)? "Natural" leaders don't just happen, nor does anyone have a divine right to lead or rule. Leaders choose to develop their potential — to undertake the training and internalize the traits that make leadership effective.

Where do you stand right now? Look at the following list and ask yourself whether you do these things often, sometimes, or never. Give yourself a point if you do them all the time, add no points if you do them sometimes, and take away a point if you never do them. Ready?

  1. I respond to situations very flexibly.

  2. I take advantage of fortuitous circumstances.

  3. I can make sense out of ambiguous or contradictory messages.

  4. I can recognize the importance of different elements of a situation.

  5. I can find similarities between situations despite differences that may separate them.

  6. I can draw distinctions between situations despite similarities that may link them.

  7. I can synthesize new concepts by taking old concepts and putting them together in new ways.

  8. I can come up with new ideas.

If you've scored four or more points, you are probably already known as a leader. If you've scored two or three points, you have good leadership potential. If you score one or fewer, you have some work to do on your leadership intelligence skills.

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