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As executive recruiters, there are some tools that we use every day. Some are websites geared toward connecting with professionals. Others are project-management tools. Some are for performing assessments. And some are to facilitate communication. Here's a quick rundown of our top tools:
  • ZoomInfo: ZoomInfo generates summaries of more than 140 million people from 12 million companies. These include work history, education, and other key info, all compiled from multiple sources across the web. We use this cloud-based tool almost daily to zoom in on leaders who may not be listed elsewhere.
  • LinkedIn: Originally designed as a social network for business professionals, LinkedIn has morphed into the largest online recruitment resource in the world, offering a vast repository of information about passive candidates.
  • OpusPro: This cloud-based workflow-management software was built by a former executive recruiter, especially for executive recruiting. With OpusPro, everyone involved in the project knows at a glance what he or she needs to do and when he or she needs to do it. Trust us: OpusPro will save you a ton of time managing people and projects!
  • Invenias: You use this Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)–based applicant-tracking program in conjunction with OpusPro. It enables you to direct-source ZoomInfo, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, BoardEx and the other services you subscribe to in order to create both your short list and your long list. It also allows you to track your activities on projects, parse and organize résumés and profiles, and create detailed reports for clients.
  • Great People Inside: You can use this cloud-based assessment platform to assess applicants before a formal interview. It offers numerous predefined assessment and survey tools as well as the ability to build custom tools that fit your needs to a T.
  • Bar-On EQ-I: We've used the Bar-On EQ-i Leadership Report from Multi-Health Services (MHS) for more than a decade. It examines emotional intelligence inventory (EQ-i) results as they relate to leadership skills. You can use the report for the general assessment of leadership strengths and weaknesses to assist in leadership selection, placement, and development decisions. It applies to most leadership functions, at the executive, management, or operational levels.
  • WhatsApp: Instead of communicating using regular SMS text messages, which can be intercepted, we use WhatsApp. A fully secure texting service, WhatsApp enables you to keep communications private and confidential — no easy feat when you're recruiting a top executive!
  • Skype: Skype allows users to communicate via voice, video, or instant message. If you need to interview a candidate who is located elsewhere, Skype is an excellent tool.
  • Starbucks: "Is there a Starbucks nearby where you'd be comfortable meeting me?" We swear, we ask that question dozens of times every week. The Starbucks app makes it easy to find nearby locations and even order drinks ahead of time.

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