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Whether through surveys or meetings, you need to get feedback on your business’s onboarding program for new employees so you can make improvements for future new hires. Here are some questions that can form the basis of any feedback mechanism you develop for new employees immediately after the initial orientation:

  • What elements of the initial orientation event(s) were most useful?

  • What elements were least useful?

  • What information should be included in future programs?

  • How well did the session relate to your job?

But, of course, your work isn’t done after you’ve received initial feedback. You should also gather assessments from employees several months after they’re hired. When they’ve been part of your organization for a while, they’ll likely have a broader perspective about what helped them effectively adjust to the company and what was less valuable — and perhaps offer suggestions for improvement.

Here are additional questions you can ask employees several months into the job:

  • What were the things you most wanted to know when you first joined the company?

  • Has your experience so far been in line with the information about the firm that you received during the hiring process?

  • Were those issues and concerns adequately covered during your first month on the job?

  • Were you given enough time to acclimate yourself?

  • Were other employees helpful when you asked questions?

  • Were the printed and online materials you received useful? What could be improved?

  • What do you know about your job and this company now that you would have benefited from knowing during the first few days you were on the job?

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