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Like any successful marketing campaign, your employer branding strategy requires good data. Developing a strong employer value proposition (EVP) is partly a creative exercise informed by fresh ideas, but it should also be based on solid research. After you’ve collected your data, identify the key insights and translate them into a format that’s easy for other people in your organization to digest. The following outline is useful for performing this high-level review:
  • Employer brand objectives
    • What are we trying to achieve?
    • What are the corporate brand parameters that we need to work within?
    • What are our priorities (attraction, engagement, retention, and so on)?
  • Organization capability needs
    • What key capabilities does the organization need to reinforce and build?
    • What other aspirations does leadership have for our employer brand?
  • Key target audiences
    • Whom do we most need our employer brand to appeal to?
    • How much variation do we need to account for among our target groups?
  • Current external reputation
    • How familiar are people with our organization?
    • How are we currently seen in terms of image and reputation?
    • How accurate are these perceptions?
    • What is our relative position to key talent competitors?
    • How, if at all, are we perceived to be different?
  • Current employee experience
    • What are our current levels of employee engagement and advocacy?
    • How are we rated as an employer by our current employees?
    • How do our scores compare with relevant industry and high-performance benchmarks?
    • How much variation is there between different parts of the business?
  • Attraction and engagement drivers
    • What most attracts our target audience to a new employer?
    • What are the key factors driving employee engagement and retention?
Answers to these questions enable you to formulate your insight platform — a summary of the data analysis you conducted and deem relevant to EVP development. Your insight platform provides everyone involved in the EVP development process with the information and insights needed to stimulate his or her own thinking and creativity.

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